Creating a 1 player blastem game by Richard Bayliss

(part of the Assemble It! series)

In this chapter, we are going to be working on a 1 player blasting game. First
of all. We are going to have a player, bullet and also enemy. This game is
going to feature sprite animation (unlike the previous game example). Animating
sprites are not that easy, unless we created a routine, which would read from
the sprite table and animate these. Here's what you need to do (or just look at
the example .d64 image). We are going to be placing music at $1000, sprites at
$2000, charset at $2800. Now using a screen editor or any other tool, draw a
nice little space background. Save it, and then load it at $3000-$3400. Now do
the same, but create a simple front end (title). Once you have done this, load
the Turbo Assembler and then load in the routine. If you are using PC instead
of turbo assembler, then I have a nice text file with the routine, that you can
assemble using a cross-assembly program (C64ASM) and you will generate your C64

If you don't want to create your own sprites, gfx, etc. You don't have to. You
can load in the game data on the zipped .D64 image, supplied on this page and
sort of experiment and/or learn how to use my routines. But - don't rip them
and call these your own work, else I'll be laughing at you and send your game
release to fake groups to name and shame your work:o) .

Now View Listing or download the data and source.

                                                  Richard Bayliss