This page is not directly C64-related, but contains selected National Novel Writing Month novels written by Cadaver. The Agents of Metal trilogy is a reinterpretation / reboot of the story from the Metal Warrior games, primarily 1 & 4. Story of the game Hessian is based on parts of Kyräilevien Ohjelmoijien Kerho - The Revenge. These novels may contain immature, violent and offensive material, so read at own risk.

in English

Agents of Metal Pt. 1 (2008)

Agents of Metal Pt. 2 (2009)

The Shadow of Purexo (2011)

Agents of Metal Pt. 3 (2012)

The Stench of Purexo (2016)

Tropedämmerung (2018)

in Finnish

Kyräilevien Ohjelmoijien Kerho - The Revenge (2010)

Pieni Pölynimuriauto (2013)

Agents of Metal 1-3, Pieni Pölynimuriauto & Tropedämmerung are also available as physical copies from