All tunes are in .SID (SidPlay) format. You can download SidPlay here.

by Yehar

BOFH: Servers Under Siege (game music)

Eighties' Megahit ( SID Compo 2001 entry)

by Cadaver

Aces High (Iron Maiden cover, SID Compo 2001 entry)

Advanced Action Movie Simulator (game music)

The Consultant ( SID Compo 2002 entry)

Escape From New York (game music, movie theme cover)

Ex Inferis ( SID Compo 2006 entry)

Fight the Machine (10 Years HVSC contribution)

Intergalactic Code of Heroes (for Attitude #19 magazine)

Hessian Lower City Theme (not used in the game)

Hessian Upper City Theme (not used in the game)

Illumination ( SID Compo 2003 entry)

Little Sentient Hatchback vs. the Hordes of Tacgnol (Longplay Music Competition 2014 entry)

Metal Warrior (game music)

Metal Warrior Loader (unused game music)

Metal Warrior 2 (game music)

MW ULTRA Unused Loader #1

MW ULTRA Unused Loader #2

Nancy Drew Multichoice Mystery (Like It's '83 Music Compo 2021 entry)

On a Sanction From CIA ( GoatTracker 2 Compo entry)

Scrapped, Recycled, Reincarnated (Gameover Tune Compo entry)

Soldiers of Satan (for a demo by Puterman/Fairlight, released 2007)

Space Metroidvania '83 (Like It's '83 Music Compo 2021 entry)

Steel Ranger (game music)

True Oldskool Gamemusic (Forever III C64 music compo entry)

Transylvanian Whipping ( SID Compo 2005 entry)

Unleash the F****** Fury ( SID Compo 2004 entry)

Victory Against Tacgnol (High-score Power Ballad Competition 2012 entry)

by Cadaver & NecroPolo

Hessian (game music)

Tunes 1-9 & 11-21 by Cadaver
Tune 10 by NecroPolo

by various tracked metalscene musicians

Metal Warrior 3 (game music)

Tunes 1,7-8 by Temuz
Tunes 5-6 by Warlord
Tunes 9-10 by Aeuk
Tune 11 by Amanojaku
Tune 12-13 by Crow
Tune 14 by Neomancia
Tune 15 by Necrotum
Tune 16 by Hybrido
Tunes 2-4, sound effects and C64 arrangements by Cadaver
Also available on YouTube thanks to Trapster2

Metal Warrior 4 (game music)

Tunes 2,6,19 by Ansgaros
Tune 4 by Tarantula
Tunes 5,18,26 by Aeuk
Tunes 7-8,17,28 by Crow
Tunes 9,20 by Barfington
Tune 11 by Neomancia and Cage
Tunes 12,34 by Malekith
Tune 14 by Warlord
Tune 15 by Desperado
Tunes 1,3,10,13,16,21-25,27,29-34, sound effects and C64 arrangements by Cadaver

GoatTracker 2 source file (.sng) packs

Metal Warrior 4

MW ULTRA Unused Loaders