All tunes are in .SID (SidPlay) format. You can download SidPlay here.

by Yehar

BOFH: Servers Under Siege (game music)

Eighties' Megahit ( SID Compo 2001 entry)

by Cadaver

Aces High (Iron Maiden cover, SID Compo 2001 entry)

Advanced Action Movie Simulator (game music)

The Consultant ( SID Compo 2002 entry)

Escape From New York (game music, movie theme cover)

Ex Inferis ( SID Compo 2006 entry)

Fight the Machine (10 Years HVSC contribution)

Hessian Lower City Theme (not used in the game)

Hessian Upper City Theme (not used in the game)

Illumination ( SID Compo 2003 entry)

Intergalactic Code of Heroes (for Attitude #19 magazine)

Little Sentient Hatchback vs. the Hordes of Tacgnol (Longplay Music Competition 2014 entry)

Metal Warrior (game music)

Metal Warrior Loader (unused game music)

Metal Warrior 2 (game music)

MW ULTRA Unused Loader #1

MW ULTRA Unused Loader #2

Nancy Drew Multichoice Mystery (Like It's '83 Music Compo 2021 entry)

On a Sanction From CIA ( GoatTracker 2 Compo entry)

Scrapped, Recycled, Reincarnated (Gameover Tune Compo entry)

Soldiers of Satan (for a demo by Puterman/Fairlight, released 2007)

Space Metroidvania '83 (Like It's '83 Music Compo 2021 entry)

Storming Through Pink Clouds And Unicornwinds (Crack Intro Music Competition 2022 entry)

Steel Ranger (game music)

True Oldskool Gamemusic (Forever III C64 music compo entry)

Transylvanian Whipping ( SID Compo 2005 entry)

Unleash the F****** Fury ( SID Compo 2004 entry)

Victory Against Tacgnol (High-score Power Ballad Competition 2012 entry)

by Cadaver & Jammer

MW ULTRA (game music)

Tunes 13, 16, 19, 22, 32, 39 and 42 by Jammer
Tune 29 by Cadaver and Jammer
Rest by Cadaver

by Cadaver & NecroPolo

Hessian (game music)

Tunes 1-9 & 11-21 by Cadaver
Tune 10 by NecroPolo

by various tracked metalscene musicians

Metal Warrior 3 (game music)

Tunes 1,7-8 by Temuz
Tunes 5-6 by Warlord
Tunes 9-10 by Aeuk
Tune 11 by Amanojaku
Tune 12-13 by Crow
Tune 14 by Neomancia
Tune 15 by Necrotum
Tune 16 by Hybrido
Tunes 2-4, sound effects and C64 arrangements by Cadaver
Also available on YouTube thanks to Trapster2

Metal Warrior 4 (game music)

Tunes 2,6,19 by Ansgaros
Tune 4 by Tarantula
Tunes 5,18,26 by Aeuk
Tunes 7-8,17,28 by Crow
Tunes 9,20 by Barfington
Tune 11 by Neomancia and Cage
Tunes 12,34 by Malekith
Tune 14 by Warlord
Tune 15 by Desperado
Tunes 1,3,10,13,16,21-25,27,29-34, sound effects and C64 arrangements by Cadaver

GoatTracker 2 source file (.sng) packs

Metal Warrior 4

MW ULTRA Unused Loaders